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One of Mike's students 2017 West Virginia baseball player of the year

Congratulations to one of Mike's Students,

Garrett Gress, for being named the 

2017 West Virginia High School Baseball 

Player Of The Year


Bad pitching instruction is making pitchers throw mainly with their arms.  This is just one of the many bad pitching cues being taught by almost everyone.   When front foot plants ball looking at 2nd base.    

Arm position for pitchers at foot plant that throw with their arm.  Tommy John surgery

This shows the arm positions at foot plant of pitchers that throw mainly with their arms. All of these pitchers have had Tommy John surgery because they throw with their arms. Matt Harvey in the upper left has the ball looking at 2nd base like picture on left.

Arm position of best pitchers at foot plant that throw with their body
Above is the actual arm position of the best MLB pitchers when the front foot plants that throw mainly with their body.  The very best pitchers, that throw with their body, do the complete opposite of almost everything that is taught to 99% of baseball pitchers.
6 year old student throwing hard

Picture on left is a 6 year old student learning to throw with his body. When he first came in he was throwing with his arm and couldn't throw the ball 30 feet without a 10 foot high arc.  Video on right shows by learning to use his body correctly he is now able to throw the ball 44 MPH consistently.  Amazing difference.

wrong position at k position

In softball, bad pitching instruction is making almost every pitcher throw mainly with their arm. This is just one of many bad pitching cues being taught by almost everyone.  When your front foot hits the ball looking at 2nd base.  

Arm position of best pitchers at foot plant that throw with their body
This is the actual arm position at front foot touch for the top level fastpitch softball pitchers that throw mainly with their body. Their arm isn't straight and their hand IS NOT on top of the ball.  The best do the complete opposite of almost everything that is taught to 99% of fastpitch softball pitchers.
Softball pitcher

I started my 10 year old daughter with Mike in October 2015. Up to that point she had been an average hitter and pitcher.  She has had several instructors many of which taught her to "snap the wrist" during pitching.  After taking the very first video lesson with Mike it was obvious that these characteristics are not what the most successful professionals and college pitchers and hitters are doing.  During a recent tournament in Ashland, Kentucky Tatum pitched three “no hitters” and had another home run, bringing her home run count to 9.   She just reached her personal best of 46 mph. We give all the credit to Mike for her success.  Thank you Mike and Zelda!!!   Allen, Tami and Tatum 

In August 2016 my daughter was the no. 3 pitcher as a sixth grader on her middle school softball team.  By the time the season began the following spring she was the starting pitcher for her team.  This happened because, with Mike's help, Matti increased her pitching speed from 45 mph to a consistent 53-54 mph in just 5 lessons and she had a noticeable increase in accuracy with her pitches.    Mike is the only instructor I know that gives a true one solid hour of hands on training along with video records he uses to help instruct his students.  Very glad we found you, Bob Parks


The changes you have made in our daughters pitching is amazing.  We thought she threw really hard and the instructor said she could maybe see an increase in speed of 2 to 3 mph per year. The first lesson you showed us everything we were learning (faster arm circle and snapping the wrist) was actually making her throw slower.  You gave us just one thing to work on and when we came in she had gained 4 mph on her fastball.  That blew our minds.  In 5 months with your help she has gained over 10 mph on her fastball, her control is now amazing and she looks so effortless.  Other parents can't believe how much better she is because it was suppose to take a minimum of 3 years to gain 10 mph.  We owe this all to you.  Thanks Jennifer D. 


My Daughter just had her second lesson and I just couldn't believe the difference you have made in her pitching.   We had gone to 2 other pitching coaches the last 3 years that were teaching her to snap her wrist.   We thought she was doing good but she kept getting a sore shoulder and bicep after 4 innings.  You showed us on the video snapping the wrist was the problem and it was hurting her speed.  We were amazed in the first lesson she added 4 miles per hour with one thing you showed us.  The second lesson we couldn't believe she added another 3 miles per hour and after a whole hour of pitching her arm wasn't hurting.  All this after only 2 pitching lessons.  Thank you so much!  Regina M.

I can't believe the difference you made in Jacobs pitching.  When you showed him how to throw with the body his speed increased in the first lesson.  The next practice the coach couldn't believe the difference and said his arm was getting stronger.  I told him we were learning to take his arm out of the pitch which is why he was throwing harder.  He thought I was crazy.  The next game he pitched two innings and had four strikeouts.  Many of the parents around us couldn't understand why it looked like his arm was going slower but the ball was going faster.  We love it. Greg F.  


I just watched a pitching lesson I still can't believe.  My son has been pitching for 4 years and has been getting lessons the whole time.  He has got up to 52 mph but when he does his control suffers and his arm will get sore.  Our first lesson you videoed his pitching and showed us most everything we were learning was the cause of our problems.  You showed him a couple things and gave us a drill we worked on every day.   The second lesson you added another step and he hit 54 mph.  The third lesson you showed him how to release the ball and 30 minutes later he threw 60 mph.  This was amazing and I still can't believe it happened so soon.  Everyone needs to learn the way you teach pitching because you throw harder with better control and no sore arm.   Matt W. 


I called you because my son's pitching was bad.  His middle school pitching coach wanted him to balance, throw over the top and snap his arm down at release.  On your site you said this is wrong.  I didn't tell you his arm had been hurting.  You video taped him pitching the first lesson and told us he was losing speed, control and he would have arm problems if he continued to pitch this way. You showed us everything he had been taught is completely wrong.  The fastest he had been clocked before was 46 mph.   We have now had 5 lessons and he is up to 54 mph.  His arm doesn't hurt anymore and the last game he had 10 strikeouts in 5 innings. You are a miracle worker the way you teach pitching.  I never would believe he could throw this hard, have this much success and have no arm problems, before you.  Thanks for everything. Roger G. 

Almost everyday we have baseball and fastpitch softball pitchers come in looking to throw harder and still have good control.  Most pitchers say when they try to throw hard their control suffers. They have to throw slower for better control.  Many say their arms get sore.  Some even needing surgery. 

The reason for these problems is from little league to the Major Leagues, almost every baseball and fastpitch softball pitcher (99%) throws mainly with their arm.  The very best pitchers in Major League baseball and Team USA fastpitch softball throw with their body.  That means 99% of baseball and softball pitchers are doing the exact opposite of the very best pitchers.  Why is this happening?    

Because of bad instruction being taught by almost all pitching coaches, former High School, College and pro players, at High School, College, and pro pitching camps, by other parents and in instructional books.  They think velocity comes from arm strength and arm speed.  Almost every pitching cue, warm up program and drill that pitchers are taught causes bad pitching mechanics and makes them throw with their arm leading to a decrease in speed, control and an increase in arm soreness or injury.  

In BASEBALL almost all players are being taught these bad pitching cues that makes them throw mainly with their arms:

  • When stride knee comes up balance on back leg

  • When front foot lands ball is looking at 2nd base (shown above)

  • When front foot lands glove is pointed to home plate

  • Take chest to glove when throwing

  • Twist or rotate hips

  • Elbow goes up above shoulder when throwing

  • Faster arm for more speed

  • Throw over the top 

  • Snap your wrist down at release 

If you are learning or doing any of these, you will throw mainly with your arm.  You will not throw as hard as you should, your control will suffer and you will put much more stress on your shoulder and elbow.  The last few years we are seeing more and more arm injuries and Tommy John surgeries, as young as 11 years old.  This is mainly because most baseball pitchers are being taught the wrong pitching cues like the ones above.

In FASTPITCH SOFTBALL almost all players are taught these bad pitching cues that also makes them throw with their arm:

  • Faster arm circle for more speed

  • Ball looking at 2nd base when front foot lands (shown above)

  • Snap or flip wrist at release

  • Rotate or snap hips at release

  • Hello elbow or curl elbow after release

We have seen these bad pitching cues actually take most of the body out of the pitch which reduces their speed an average of five or more miles per hour, hurts their control and puts added stress on the arm and shoulder. 

When baseball and fastpitch softball pitchers learn how to use their body correctly they throw with so much more speed, control and much less tension on the arm.

Mike Sedberry's Baseball And Fastpitch Softball Pitching Academy 

If you want to become the very best pitcher you can be, we will show you how to use the body exactly like the very best pitchers in baseball and fastpitch softball.  You will be surprised how, with good pitching cues, you can throw harder with better control.  This will help prevent arm soreness pitchers get from using bad mechanics, that can lead to serious sometimes career ending injuries. 

Learn the seven traits all successful pitchers have in common that help them throw harder with more control. Even in pro baseball and fastpitch softball, pitchers perform these traits at various levels, the most successful pitchers execute them at the highest level.  We also use a radar gun so you can see the increase in your velocity as you learn these traits.

You will learn about pitch movement, changing speeds and game management.  Become a more successful and confident pitcher.  

We also offer throwing lessons for all players that want to throw the ball harder with more accuracy.

All new students are video taped so they can see what their pitching motion looks like now compared to the very best pitchers in baseball and fastpitch softball.  You will see frame by frame how the very best pitch with their body to add more speed, control and look so effortless.  I will show you the what we will be working on in the lesson so you can use your body like these pitchers. Most students and parents are able to see a tremendous difference even in the first lesson.  Learn good pitching cues so you can start developing great pitching mechanics.

If you want to work on pitching and hitting the first time we suggest a 1 1/2 hour video lesson where we will do the same as above for both. In future lessons you can do a 1 hour lesson to work on both.

The video is very important because everyone will see you are learning the exact mechanics of the best pitchers in baseball and fastpitch softball.

Long distance lessons

We have students and parents that drive 3 hours or more from all over West Virginia, Ohio , Kentucky and Virginia for lessons.  Most come in and take lessons over a two day period.  We have special rates for our lessons and a local hotel.  They come to us because they are learning the same bad pitching and hitting cues in their area and their kids aren't reaching their full potential.  They are excited to see their kids swing or pitch compared to a Major Leaguer or Team USA player.  They are amazed that it is so different from what they have been learning.  When they see how much better they get in just two days of lessons they are blown away.  Now they are on their way to reaching their full potential.  Call 304-722-6393 for more information. 

PRICES for personal 1 on 1 lessons

1/2  hour lesson             $25

 1   hour lesson               $45

1 1/2 hour video lesson  $70  for pitching and hitting

Call 304-722-6393 for more information or to schedule your lesson.  

We have special pricing for teams and groups of 2 or more students.