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Fastpitch Softball Batting Testimonials

Here are some of the many positive feedback Mike has received from

his fastpitch softball batting lessons

We had many lessons with other instructors, no one could figure out why Whitney didn't have the power and consistency she should. The first lesson, without me asking, you showed what we were learning from everyone else, fast hands, twist the hips, swing down and stay back were why she had little power. The best hitters do none of the things we were learning. The results of your swing are amazing. Two Fridays ago we went to a travel tournament in Columbus. Whitney had 1 HR (her first) and hit over .550. She actually hit another ball even harder off the top of the fence. Last Friday we went to a bigger tournament in Columbus, that 30 Colleges attended. She had 3 home runs and 2 others hit even harder off the fence. She again batted over .550. Everyone wanted to know the bat she was using because she looked so effortless. I could have sold 20 of her bats for $200 each but when I told them it was a used bat I got for $60 they thought I was lying. I said it's Mike Sedberry's swing. If you work at it your swing is easy to learn and it has made my daughter an amazing hitter. Thanks again, Larry Hall


In August 2016 my daughter was the no. 3 pitcher as a sixth grader on her middle school softball team. By the time the season began the following spring she was the starting pitcher for her team. This happened because, with Mike's help, Matti increased her pitching speed from 45 mph to a consistent 53-54 mph in just 5 lessons and she had a noticeable increase in accuracy with her pitches. In the hitting department she finished the 2017 season with a .454 average and 22 RBI'S. What is most noticeable is how much harder she is consistently hitting the ball. We have worked with several pitching and hitting instructors over the last few years but are extremely happy we found Mike. Mike is the only instructor I know that gives a true one solid hour of hands on training along with video records he uses to help instruct his students. Mike breaks down and simplifies the proper mechanics of pitching and hitting so my daughter and I can fully understand what he is trying to get her to accomplish. Very glad we found you, Bob Parks


What you have done for Kiersten's hitting and pitching is amazing. When I watch her games now I can't believe that is my daughter doing so well. In March of this year, at 12 yrs old, she started playing softball. Before you, we were working on what everyone was telling us about hitting (squish the bug, twist the hips, stay back and fast hands) and pitching (faster arm circle and snap the wrist at release). She was really struggling to even hit the ball and had little power. Pitching she couldn't get past 36 mph.

We are so lucky your wife told us about your lessons when we were hitting in your batting cages. During our first lesson you showed us the best players do nothing that we were being told to do. We've worked hard on what you have been showing us and the results are unbelievable. With your swing she is now hitting the ball so much better and with power. In the last 2 1/2 months her batting average is .606 with 3 home runs, 3 triples and 19 RBI'S. Pitching has also been a big turnaround. With your changes she is now averaging 48 mph on her fastball sometimes hitting 50 and over. She looks so effortless and the pitches you have taught her so far, change up, drop curve and screwball make her even harder to hit against. In her last 25 1/3 innings, her last 76 outs, she has 71 strikeouts and has only given up 12 hits. WOW. Seeing these results in just 5 months with you blows my mind. What you teach is amazing, Jason Edge


The way you teach hitting blows my mind. I watch you in the lessons teach my daughter the exact opposite of what every coach and hitting instructor has taught her. When I see her swing the way you are teaching she crushes the ball. When she swings the way she was being taught by everyone else she hits weak grounders and pop ups. I can't believe the difference, it is like night and day. Her coach told her last week this swing wouldn't work, she needed to twist her hips, stay back and swing faster. I told her not to listen, see how it goes in the next few games. The next game she hit a home run and another line drive off the fence. She had never come close to the fence before doing the swing everyone else was teaching her. The coach even asked me how she is generating so much more power with her new swing because she is so effortless. I told him he needed to take his daughter to see you because to us you are a miracle worker. Your swing is amazing. Thank you for everything. Dave S.

I started my 10 year old daughter with Mike in October 2015. Up to that point she had been an average hitter and pitcher. She has had several instructors many of which taught her things like “squish the bug” and "fast hands" in hitting and "curl the arm" and "snap the wrist"during pitching. After taking the very first video lesson with you it was obvious that these characteristics are not what the successful professionals and college pitchers and hitters are doing. Tatum takes ½ hour pitching and a ½ hour hitting lesson once a week. In April 2016 during her ASA opening tournament she hit 5 homeruns and was very dominate on the mound. During a recent tournament in Ashland, Kentucky Tatum pitched three “no hitters” and had another homerun, bringing her homerun count to 9. Tatum has really excelled in both hitting and pitching. We give all the credit to Mike for her success. We look forward to watching her excel under Mikes tutelage. Thank you Mike and Zelda!!! Allen Halley


My daughter has been having a tough time for over 4 years. She was striking out or hitting weak grounders. You showed us the reason, she was swinging down, twisting her hips, using fast hands and staying back. That is what we had been learning from all of her coaches and her previous instructor. You showed us the best hitters do the exact opposite. We have had 6 lessons and you told her she is ready to use your swing in a game, just trust it. Her mom and I just watched a game that blew our minds. She struck out her first at bat swinging fast like she had been taught before. I went over and told her to try your swing, just trust it like you said, she couldn't do any worse. She laughed and said ok. The next at bat she did your swing and hit a shot to right center for a double. Her mom and I went nuts, she had never done that. Next at bat she about took the pitcher's head off and it short hopped the center fielder. I have never seen her hit a ball that hard. The other parents asked if she got a new bat because her swing looked different and she was hitting the ball so much harder. I just smiled and said it was the same bat she has been using the last two years. Her last at bat she hit a shot to left center field that one hopped the fence. She had never done that before and again we went nuts. She hit the 3 hardest balls of anyone on both teams. We were so proud and she couldn't believe it. This swing is the most amazing thing I have ever seen and it even keeps getting better. I wish we would have found you years ago. Thanks, Greg B.


My Daughter has now been to 4 lessons with you and I have never seen her so excited about softball. When we first came in she was ready to quit because she wasn't hitting the ball at all. I was hoping you could help us because everything on your site you said not to do is what we were learning from all of her coaches and a couple other parents. You showed us during the video lesson that was the problem. When you said twisting the hips, swinging down and using fast hands was making the game much more challenging for her it gave her hope she wasn't just a bad hitter. You got her using the body more in the first lesson, I saw a big difference in her swing, she was making contact with the ball. Her swing has been getting so much better every week. During the last lesson she hit more line drives in the time you were pitching to her than she has hit total in her life. She was so excited she wanted to come back the next night.

We had practice and she was hitting so much better all the other girls and coaches stopped to watch her. I had 4 different parents come up and ask if we changed bats, I said we changed swings. I gave them all your number. We have had 2 games since the last lesson, she is the only one to hit a ball hard into the outfield and she has done it three times. This swing is blowing my mind. One parent and her daughter are coming to a lesson with us next week. She wants her to be able to hit like my daughter. That made me so proud. You said if we keep working hard we won't believe how good her hitting will get. All this is because of you. Marsha M.


I asked the dad of our best hitter where she was getting lessons. He said you were the reason she had become such a good hitter. Her batting average is way up and she hits with more power than anyone else. We had been getting lessons for 2 years from a person that her travel coach said was suppose to be the best. My daughter is 15, she made good contact but with not much power. Her coach and the instructor kept telling us for more power she needed to twist her hips faster and get faster hands. When she did that she didn't make contact as often and she still didn't have power. I wanted to see what you said about all of this.

The first lesson you pitched to her and video taped her swing and compared it to 3 Team USA players. We couldn't believe they all hit the opposite way everyone had been teaching her. I got really upset when I realized she had little power because of what she was being taught. You showed us the 2 things we were going to work on that you said would start giving her more power and hit the middle of the ball more often. We went back downstairs and I could tell my daughter was nervous to start learning something completely different. After 25 minutes I could tell her swing was changing a little. A couple minutes later she hit a ball harder than I have ever seen. I was stunned at the difference your swing was already making for her. You gave us 2 drills and said to do them at least 15 minutes per day, she was so excited she started doing them that night.

Your swing has changed everything. She is hitting the ball so much harder. The coach came to me last practice and said he was glad she had more power but it looked like we changed a few things. I said we changed everything and we are sticking with this swing. He can't figure out the changes or why she has so much more power. We look forward to each lesson and I just wish we would have found you earlier. Thanks for everything, Mike D.  


My daughter wants to be the best hitter on her team, she is no. 4 or 5 now. We worked hard on her swing but she wasn't getting any better. She makes good contact but she wants to drive the ball. We had been to 3 college camps and 3 other hitting coaches that showed us the same things. Stay back, twist the hips, fast hands, swing down, snap top hand and a few others. When we asked how she could get more power they said to twist the hips faster and faster stronger hands. When we tried that she made less contact with the ball. We were getting very frustrated because each place we went kept reinforcing the same things.

I had another dad recommend you because you really helped his daughter. I read on your site that everything we were learning you said were bad hitting cues. We hoped you could help so I called. Thank goodness I did.

In our first lesson you showed her swing beside 2 Team USA hitters, it blew our minds. You showed us frame by frame everything we had been working on made her swing with her arms and that was the reason she had little power. You said if we learned to use the body she could be the best hitter in the league, we liked that. You showed us your 1st step that was nothing like we have ever been shown. I could see a big difference after 20 minutes. After the lesson we went to the field to work on it. She hit much better and the next day she hit 2 over the fence, she kept jumping up and down. We had another lesson and the next day she had a game. First at bat she hit the ball up the middle pretty hard and then the second time she hit a ball that 1 hopped the fence, we all went crazy. Parents wanted to know what happened, I said it was your swing. I can't believe after 1 step how much better she is, with 4 steps to go we have never been so excited about her hitting. Thanks, John   


Last year our coach brought us in for a team hitting clinic and I was very impressed that everything you said about hitting made sense. The video you did showing each hitter beside a pro hitter was amazing. What we had been learning is almost the opposite of the way the pro hitters hit the ball. A couple of the girls started taking lessons and we could tell a big difference in their hitting. We came back in for more lessons and we could see an immediate difference in our daughters hitting. She has worked very hard and is now hitting the ball much better. Our last tournament she had her first home run and hit two more off the fence. I have never seen her so excited. Thanks, Mike C


What a difference you have made in my daughters pitching and hitting. I think she is a good athlete and we had been going to every clinic, college camp and instructor we could find to help her get better. They all taught the same thing and said she would get better if she worked on rotating her hips and getting her hands faster for hitting. Pitching she needed to windmill her arm faster and snap her wrist at release. She wasn't getting better so I kept looking for help. On your site we noticed everything we were learning you said the best players were not doing. Am I glad we checked you out!

When we did the video lesson for hitting and then for pitching I was amazed the difference of what we were being taught and what the best players were actually doing. Its great that in just a few lessons and doing your drills she is throwing the ball so much harder, I can't believe it. Now she asks me to catch her almost everyday because her arm doesn't hurt anymore.

Her hitting has become so much better, her coach even came up to me to see if we changed bats. Everyone has noticed how much smoother she looks and the ball is jumping off her bat so hard. She has so much more confidence and can't wait to bat now. I have told everyone about you, I think you are going to get very busy.

Greg B        


I can't believe the difference in my daughters swing. We have been to a few clinics and camps that all taught the same things. I have been trying to help her because I played in High School and she was being told the same things I was taught. She is a good player and swings hard but no power. Her coach and another parent said to go see you.

Everything you have said is so different than what we have been told. Even in the first lesson I couldn't believe the difference in her power. She was swinging easier and hitting the ball so much harder. She liked it so much she wanted to come back the next day. We worked on it all week and the next practice she hit so much better her coach came over and said I see you went to Mike's. When I watched the three girls in the next batting practice you could tell they were doing your swing, it is so different from everyone else.

I wish you were around when I played.



I am glad my daughter and I talked to you a couple months ago. We had been working on a swing for six months we learned from someone else with little results. You told us she was using her arms and not her body. I wanted to see how you taught hitting. It is the opposite of what we have been hearing.

In our last game Grace hit the ball weak the first two times up. I told her to concentrate on the drill you gave her. She was doing your drill before her next at bat while on deck. She hit a hard line drive to left center for a double. The next at bat she did the same thing then hit another double to right center. I have never seen her hit the ball that hard. I had to call and tell you right then. A couple parents even asked me if she changed bats for the last two at bats. I can't believe the difference.

Jay M.

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