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Baseball Pitching Testimonials

Here are some of the many positive feedback Mike has received

from his baseball pitching lessons

I just watched a pitching lesson I still can't believe. My son has been pitching for 4 years and has been getting lessons the whole time. He has got up to 52 mph but when he does his control suffers and his arm will start to get sore. A friend told me about you and I really owe him for it. Our first lesson you videoed his pitching and showed us most everything we were learning was the cause of our problems. You showed him a couple things and gave us a drill we worked on 20 minutes every day. The second lesson you added another step and he hit 54 mph. The third lesson you showed him how to release the ball and 30 minutes later he threw the ball 60 mph. He was hitting his spots and his arm didn't hurt. This was amazing and I still can't believe it happened so soon. Everyone needs to learn the way you teach pitching because you throw harder with better control and no sore arm. Wow!! Matt W.


I called you because my son's pitching was bad. His middle school pitching coach wanted him to balance, throw over the top and snap his arm down at release. On your site you said this is wrong. I didn't tell you his arm had been hurting and he doesn't want to tell the coach because he wants to pitch. You video taped him pitching the first lesson and told us he was losing speed, control and he would have arm problems if he continued to pitch this way. You showed us everything he had been taught by the coach and the pitching coach is completely wrong. The fastest he has been clocked was 46 mph and you said he was throwing 45 mph that day.

We have now had 5 lessons and he is up to 54 mph. His arm doesn't hurt anymore and the last game he had 10 strikeouts in 5 innings. You are a miracle worker the way you teach pitching. I never would believe he could throw this hard, have this much success and have no arm problems, before you. Thanks for everything. Roger G. 


I want to say how much I appreciate how you have influenced Jacob with his pitching. The coaches said his mechanics looked good and he had good arm speed but he wasn't throwing the ball very hard because he was releasing the ball too early. You showed us on the video he was really losing speed because he was throwing with his arm and not his body. This meant he was actually releasing the ball way too late. When you showed him how to throw with the body his speed increased in the first lesson. The next practice the coach couldn't believe the difference and said his arm was getting stronger. I told him we were learning to take his arm out of the pitch which is why he was throwing harder. He thought we were crazy.

The next game he pitched two innings and had four strikeouts. Many of the parents around us couldn't understand why it looked like his arm was going slower but the ball was going faster. Wow, what a difference. After the game the first thing he said is when are we going back for the next step, he was so excited. We love it. Greg F. 


You were our last ditch effort in our sons pitching. He wasn't throwing hard, his control wasn't good and his arm would get sore after two innings. We worked with a few people that showed him to balance, power T and chest to glove, nothing seemed to work. I read on your site you teach it different. I hoped you could help us even though we live 1 hour away. Am I glad we found you.

In the first lesson you showed us where he was loosing his speed and why it made his arm sore. I couldn't believe all the things you pointed out that were the cause of his problems where the things we had been learning. Then when we started the lesson you were showing and telling him things we had never heard before. He loved it and we worked on everything you showed us. To our amazement at the end of the fourth lesson his arm wasn't sore, even after throwing hard for one hour.

When practice started his coach and teammates couldn't believe the difference in him. You have him throwing so hard so effortlessly. Now after throwing the other pitchers have to ice their arms and he still wants to throw more. His first game he pitched 5 innings with 10 strikeouts, 2 walks and only 3 hits. He said his arm felt great. Thanks to you he now throws very hard with good control and if he does feel his arm he knows how to fix it. We can't wait to see how good this gets. This is wild.

Thank you, John T.


Mike I am so glad Caleb and I came into your place to hit this summer. We had been to a couple camps and his coach last year told us to go to another place for hitting and pitching lessons. He was still struggling with his hitting and his arm was getting sore when pitching. I saw on your site what you said not to do was most of what we were being taught. I talked to you about his hitting and pitching. You said he was all arms and when he learned to use the body we wouldn't believe the difference.

We still can't believe in three months how things have changed. He has added 8 mph on his fastball and his arm doesn't hurt anymore. He is hitting the ball so much better with more power. He has moved from eighth to third in the order. Our last tournament he had 7 hits in 9 at bats. He even hit 2 off the fence. I want to get the whole team to come in.

Thanks, Carl G. 


We can't believe the difference you have made in our sons pitching and hitting this year. When Steven started he couldn't throw very hard and his arm would get sore after just 2 or 3 innings. Your video lesson showed us we were working on the wrong things we had been taught and watched on You Tube. Each week I see so much progress in the lessons and it seems like each game he pitches he gets even better. The last game he gave up 2 hits and had 12 strikeouts in 6 innings and his arm wasn't sore.

His hitting is also so much better thanks to you. He had no power and just connecting with the ball was tough. Again the video lesson showed we were working on the wrong things. The way you show how to use the body is so unique and the results are amazing. Last weekend he was asked to be in a tournament with older kids, he was very nervous because the pitchers throw harder than he was used too. I told him to do just what Mike has taught you. He batted over .500 and was so excited because he got the game ball for the championship game because he knocked in the tying run and winning runs. He wanted to call you that night. Thanks again!! Carl T.


My son and I are amazed how much you helped him with his pitching in a short period of time. He felt jerky when pitching, kept getting a sore arm and didn't throw as hard as we thought he could. Our first lesson you said he was throwing with his arm and pointed out in his video four things we had learned were causing his problems.

You point out things no one else ever pointed out and they make such a big difference. After the fourth lesson he was so excited because it was the first time he felt smooth and his arm didn't hurt. He is pitching so much better now and throwing much harder, even the coach wants to know what we learned. Thanks, John

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