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Golf Driving Range & Lessons, Hurricane, WV

Our driving range has eight different lasered targets from

50 yards to 300 yards

We have 15 hitting stations with dividers for safety and benches for your family or fans to watch from or to take a rest.

I would like to start by thanking Par Four Driving Range for the entertainment they provide for our area. It is well kept and clean. Zelda is very nice and always friendly.

When I told her I was struggling with my swing she suggested that I could get a golf lesson with Mike.  I can't say enough about how much Mike's instructions have helped.  He doesn't make the golf swing complicated and you just have to apply what he has you do.  I would suggest seeing Mike to anyone wanting to correct their golf swing or just make it better.  Thanks  Scott Ash

Our covered golf driving range has 15 hitting stations with high quality mats to hit from and offers shelter against light wind, rain and provides shade in the summer. With seven lasered targets from 50 - 300 yards you can work on any part of your game. Our driving range is located on Route 60 in Hurricane, Putnam County, WV and we are just a short drive from Charleston, WV and Huntington, WV.

Golf Lessons Individual, groups and clinics

Gift certificates for private lessons make the perfect gift

Mike Sedberry works with beginners to scratch golfers on all aspects of the game: putting, short game, full swing, driving and course management. We also provide lessons inside during the winter, call to set an appointment.

Over 95% of people make golf harder than it really is:

Get a professional golf lesson that you will see real progress in, even during the first lesson. Most people have so many swing thoughts that they have no idea what they did right when they hit a good shot and don't know what they did differently when they hit a bad shot.

Learn how two simple changes will really make a dramatic difference and make golf so much more fun. Make your game more athletic. Learn how to play golf the correct way and how simple you can make it.

Most players hit the ball using mainly their arms and shoulders. When they don't hit the ball hard enough they swing harder which causes more problems. Come in and learn how to play golf the right way and how a tour pro actually uses their club and body. You will love the difference this will make.

You will make golf much easier when you learn the following:

How to start a routine and set-up properly every time

How to maximize torque with an athletic back swing

How a tour pro actually uses the torque for more power and control

How a tour pro actually uses their club during the swing

What club head speed really is and how to get it the correct way

How to hit the ball straighter much more consistently

How to achieve effortless power in your swing

We also have video golf lessons so you can see the good things you are doing in your swing and where you are losing power and consistency.

Lessons include a small bucket of golf balls.


1/2 hour lesson                 $30

1 hour lesson                     $50

1 1/2 hour video lesson     $80

Call for pricing on group lessons and business clinics.

Individual and group golf lessons

Business Clinics

Video Golf Lessons

Playing Lessons

Our driving range is located on Route 60 in Hurricane, Putnam County, WV and we are just a short drive from Charleston, WV and Huntington, WV.

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