Learn The Exact Swing 

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West Virginia basebaseball player of the year

Congratulations to one of Mike's Students,

Garrett Gress, for being named the 

2017 West Virginia High School Baseball 

Player Of The Year

longest home run at St. Albans high school field

Congratulations to one of Mike's students Wes Medley, who hit one of the longest home runs ever seen at St. Albans High School Field.  He hit it over the scoreboard in left center into the back of the day care center across the street, over 400 feet.  It was a walk off 2 run home run.  In the double header he had 7 hits in 7 at bats.  This from a 5 foot 9 inch 140 lb Sophomore hitter because he is learning to swing like the elite hitters in Major League Baseball. 

      Before                     After                             

I have learned in over 20 years in baseball there are over 100 ways being taught how to hit a baseball.   You, by far, teach the best way for everyone to hit a baseball.   The swing you teach is amazing.  The difference it has made in my son's hitting in only one year is  incredible.  The power my son now generates is shocking.  My son is only 12 years old and he hit the ball off a top eighth grade pitcher 360 feet off the fence in dead center field.   Coaches and parents went nuts because they couldn't believe how much more power he now has.  This is all thanks to you.  Again, your swing is by far better than anything else being taught.  As he works at what you are teaching us he keeps getting better and better".  Thanks, Louie Moore 


I am finding out you are the only one that actually knows what the best hitters are doing in their swing.  Sadly, I see hitters being taught to stay back, squish the bug, twist the hips, fast hands, swing fast and swing down.  We learned from you the best hitters do none of these.  With your swing my son is hitting so well we have coaches from travel teams and even from colleges trying to figure out how he is hitting the ball so much harder than anyone else so consistently.  I tell every parent that wants to know the secret to power and consistency, it's your swing and they need to call you.  Your swing is amazing and has changed our lives.   Gary Medley


What you have done for Kiersten's hitting and pitching is amazing.  I can't believe that is my daughter doing so well.   Before you, we were working on what everyone was telling us about hitting (squish the bug, twist the hips, stay back and fast hands).   She was really struggling to even hit the ball and had no power.  With your swing she is now hitting the ball so much better and with power.  In the last 2 1/2 months her batting average is .606 with 3 home runs, 3 triples and 19 RBI'S.  WOW.   Seeing these results in just 5 months with you blows my mind.   Your swing is amazing.   Jason Edge




The swing you teach is jaw-dropping better than anything being taught.  Luke is 7 years old and plays on a travel team that hits off a 38 mph pitching machine from 36 feet, that equals a 49 mph fastball in Little League.  On Tuesday he swung hard like the (before photo) and had 3 strikeouts and a little dribbler.  We said next game start using the swing Mike is teaching you.  The difference was amazing.  First time up he did your swing (after photo) , it looked so effortless, clearly the opposite from last game and he hit the ball to the fence.  We went nuts.  Next time  up coach put the outfielders back farther and he hit it 2 feet from the fence.  His 3rd at bat parents were saying "you have to watch this kid's swing" and he hit one that bounced over the fence, everyone went crazy.  Then his 4th at bat he bounced it over the fence again.  His swing now looks so different from anyone else and the results are simply amazing.   All this power from a kid 4 foot 8 inches tall and 51 lbs.  WOW.   Mike & Rhonda Cahal




The difference your swing has made in Tristans hitting is magical.  When we first came to you he was staying back, twisting the hips and swinging fast (before photo).  He could hit the ball but he had little power.  Soon as he trusted and started using your swing everything changed (after photo).  He immediately started hitting more line drives with significantly more power.  The last 2 years of travel ball have been amazing.  Last year in 40 games he batted .466, had 4 home runs, 50 rbi's and scored 56 runs.  This year in 42 games he batted an amazing .564, had 7 home runs, 47 rbi's and scored 63 runs.  I can't say enough about how much better Tristan bats after a lesson with Mike.   I think any kid struggling or wanting to get better needs to come in and see Mike.   Angie and Mark Harless


Last night I witnessed the most amazing display of power I have ever seen by a hitter in my 16 years of playing and coaching baseball.  This from a Middle School hitter that looked like he was barely swinging.  I talked to his dad and he said it was all because of Mike Sedberry's swing.  I will definitely get back to you on lessons for my son".   Coach Bo Sutton

The results of your swing are amazing.  Two Fridays ago we went to a travel tournament in Columbus.   Whitney had 1 HR (her first) and hit over .550.  After the home run she actually hit another ball even harder off the top of the fence.  Last Friday we went to a much bigger tournament in Columbus, that 30 Colleges attended.  She had 3 home runs and 2 others that were hit even harder off the fence.  She again batted over .550.  Everyone wanted to know the bat she was using, I said it's Mike Sedberry's swing.  I told them, if you work at it, your swing is easy to learn and it has made my daughter an amazing hitter.  Thanks again, Larry Hall


Mike, you are a miracle worker.  What you have done for my son's hitting is nothing short of amazing.  We were being taught most of the wrong hitting cues from your list for 8 years.  Your swing has made him an amazingly better hitter.  Last year his batting average was .115 and this year he hit .423 all because of your swing.  His high school coach can't believe the difference in his power and consistency.  He is now leading the team in hitting.  You have a real gift for teaching.  Thanks, Travis B.


Student perfect impact position

The swing you teach is head and shoulders better than anything being taught, anywhere.  It helped my son, who was rarely hitting the ball out of the infield, become the most powerful hitter in St. Albans Little League history hitting a record 22 home runs and batting over .750 while weighing only 90 lbs.                         

Before his freshman year started he played with the High School, on the Varsity Team, in the summer and fall league and led the team in hitting by far with a .680 average.  You are the only one teaching this swing and that is why he now hits the ball with much more power and a higher average than anyone else. Your swing is easy to learn, you just have to work at it and the results are amazing.  We owe all this amazing success to you, thanks again, Gary Medley




I started my 10 year old daughter with Mike.  She had been an average hitter and pitcher.  She had several instructors that taught her things like “squish the bug”,"twist the hips" and "fast hands".  After taking the very first video lesson it was obvious these characteristics are not what the most successful professionals and college hitters are doing.  In April during her ASA opening tournament she hit 5 home runs and was dominate on the mound.  During a tournament in Ashland, Kentucky Tatum pitched three “no hitters” and had another home run, bringing her home run count to 9 this year.  Tatum has really excelled in both hitting and pitching under Mikes tutelage .  We give all the credit to Mike for her success.  Allen Halley


" Your swing is amazing.  This weekend.  We played all the big Lexington baseball school's teams and a couple from Louisville.  We faced the best pitching that I've ever seen in every game and Trent only made 1 out all weekend and that was a laser hit to left field. I told him he hit it too hard....kid had to catch it or get hurt.  He was 8 for 9 with 5 walks and 1 hit by pitch.   Jeff Rutledge
These are just a few of the many more testimonials from our students on the baseball and softball batting testimonials pages. )

Every baseball and fastpitch softball hitter that comes in for lessons is looking for more power, consistency and better timing.  They aren't happy with any of these.   They feel they should be hitting much better.   Sadly, they can't  because what they have been learning makes them swing mainly with their arms.  The very best hitters in Major League baseball and fastpitch softball DO NOT swing with their arms.  That means almost all hitters (99%) are learning to swing the opposite of the very best.   This shouldn't be happening!   What is the problem.

The problem is 99% of baseball and softball batters are being taught the bad hitting cues (listed below) by their  coaches,  hitting instructors, former High School, College and Pro players, at college and pro hitting camps and even other parents.  

Worse, almost all middle school, high school, college and professional coaches either teach the bad hitting cues below or send their players to instructors that teach them.  These bad hitting cues are the reason hitting at all 4 of these levels has gotten so much worse.   They are why Major League hitting has gone down so drastically the last 13 years.   In 2006 the average MLB player hit .269 and in 2017 it was down to .255.   This year is even worse,  in 2018 the average MLB player had a batting average of only .248.

Below are the WORST hitting cues being taught in both baseball and softball.

Back elbow up

Don't step forward or no stride

Squish the bug or pivot the back foot 

Stay back or keep the back foot down

Twist your hips or rotate your hips

Swing down like chopping wood

Fast hands or throw your hands at the ball 

Snap your wrist at contact (use top hand)

Swing faster 

Bat knob to the ball 

Don't dip your back shoulder

New students with bad impact positions

Because 99% of baseball hitters are being taught the bad hitting cues from above this is what our new students look like at impact.  They are late on  the ball, inconsistent and with little power.  This should not be happening.          

student correctly at impact

This is one of my students that looks the opposite of 99% of hitters at impact because he is learning how to correctly swing like the very best hitters. He only weighs 140 pounds and has become one of the most powerful and consistent hitters in the state.

Trout at impact correctly
Ortiz at impact correctly
Votto at impact correctly

These swings show what elite hitters look like at impact.  They look the opposite of 99% of hitters in baseball because they are doing none of the bad hitting cues above.  This is why elite batters hit the ball so much more consistently and with more power, year after year, than the average hitter.       



student at impact correctly

It's the same in softball.  Here are two before and an after photo of one of my students.  The first two pictures show what she looked like before our lessons and what 99% of our new softball students look like at impact (late, inconsistent and little power) because they have been learning the worst hitting cues from above.  The third picture shows what she looks like at impact now after learning how to swing like the the very best hitters in softball.  Amazing difference in her timing, power and hitting line drives much more consistently.  


Team USA perfect impact position

This is what elite hitters in softball look like at impact.  They also look the opposite of 99% of hitters in softball.   They are doing none of the bad hitting cues above that make you swing with your arms.

Student perfect impact position

This is another one of my students that learned how to swing like the very best hitters.  So powerful at impact.  This is a triple off the fence.  

As you can see in the pictures above when the very best Major League baseball and Team USA fastpitch softball players are hitting their best they are doing NONE of the above bad hitting cues.   Any of these bad hitting cues will put even the greatest batters into slumps because they make them swing with their arms giving them much less power, consistency and bad timing.   For the average hitter these bad hitting cues are much more devastating.  

I ask every new student and their parents what they have been learning, almost all say the same thing.  The first lesson they learned how to squish the bug, twist the hips, stay back, swing down and use fast hands.  After that, each lesson they went to, the instructor would just sit on a bucket, a chair or stand and throw pitches and tell the student good swing, now twist or swing faster.   They started getting frustrated because the harder they would swing the worse their hitting became and they still had little power.  I hear this from parents everywhere, it doesn't matter where they were going or if they were in individual or group lessons.   It shouldn't be this way

        Mike Sedberry's Elite Hitting System

         For Baseball And Fastpitch Softball

To be the best hitter, you need to swing like the very best hitters in Major League Baseball and Team USA Fastpitch Softball.  This video is one of my students in a travel league game that is learning to hit like the best. This is a line drive that was hit so hard it kept climbing and went over the fence for a home run, even clearing two warehouses across the street.  You can hear people in the background amazed how hard and far it was hit.  Three years ago he couldn't hit the ball out of the infield because he was being told to swing down, swing faster, twist the hips and stay back by the High School coach.  He now knows when he does any of those bad hitting cues he will hit his worst.   Now as a 130lb Freshman he is the best hitter on his High School team because he is swinging correctly with his body, not his arms.

If you really want to become a better hitter, with much more power and a higher batting average, you want to learn the exact hitting mechanics of the elite hitters in Major League baseball and Team USA fastpitch softball.   You no longer  have to be one of the 99% of players that are learning the bad hitting cues above and going to bad lessons where the instructor just throws pitches and tells the student good swing, now swing faster.  

At Mike Sedberry's Hitting and Pitching Academy you will start learning the exact hitting mechanics of the very best hitters in baseball and fastpitch softball.  You will learn them step by step so you can become a more powerful and consistent hitter.   The results for our students have been amazing.   Almost every parent tells me when they swing the way they are learning now, their son or daughter's hitting is head and shoulders above the other batters.   When they revert back to their old swing using fast hands, twist the hips, stay back, swing down, etc.,  they go back to being just an average hitter.   They say it is so easy to see the difference between the two swings, it is like night and day.   

I video every new baseball and fastpitch softball student that comes in for lessons so they can see frame by frame what they are doing in their swing.   The reason is everyone comes in swinging with their arms because they have been taught the hitting cues from above.   I then show them how their swing compares with the very best professional hitters.  Students and parents are amazed that their swing looks the complete opposite of the very best hitters.  It's because everything they have been taught makes them swing with their arms whereas the very best hitters swing with their body.   They also see they will be learning the exact mechanics of the very best hitters.  Don't settle for anything less!  

Baseball players swings are compared with the elite MLB hitters like Kris Bryant, Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera, Joey Votto, Ken Griffey Jr.  and others.  Students and parents get to see they all swing virtually the same way, with their body.  You will learn step by step the exact way they swing the bat. 

Fastpitch Softball players swings are compared with the elite Team USA hitters like Jennie Finch, Andrea Duran, Natasha Watley, Jenny Topping and others.  Students and parents get to see they too all swing virtually the same way, also using their body.  You will learn step by step the exact way they swing the bat. 

The video is very important because you get to see that elite hitters all swing the same, using their body, not their hands or arms.   Sadly, almost all hitters don't reach half of their full potential because what they are learning makes them swing with their arms, the OPPOSITE of the best hitters.

Mike's five step program will show you how the best hitters:

  • Use their body for a more direct path forward which allows the bat to enter the hitting zone up to 50% faster

  • Are able to watch the ball longer, swinging at less bad pitches

  • Are able to keep their bat in the hitting zone 3 to 4 feet (over 50% longer than 99% of hitters)

  • How this improves a hitters timing significantly

  • Achieve much more power because the bat accelerates out through the ball with more speed and force

  • Slow down the game to make hitting so much easier

  • Properly time a pitcher in baseball and fastpitch softball

  • Adjust to hit off-speed pitches consistently 

When you work on the correct hitting cues it is amazing how quickly you will see an increase in your power, consistently hitting more line drives and improve your timing.  Give us a call and start learning now how to hit with much more power and a higher average because you are swinging correctly with your body, not your arms.

If you want to do hitting and pitching together we suggest a 1 1/2 hour video for the first lesson.  We will video you hitting and pitching and compare you to the best, the same as above for both.  Then future lessons we can work on both during a 1 hour lesson.


Long Distance Lessons

We have students and parents that drive 3 hours or more from all over West Virginia, Ohio , Kentucky and Virginia for lessons.  Most come in and take lessons over a two day period.  We have special rates at a local hotel.  They come to us because they are learning the same bad hitting and pitching cues in their area and their kids aren't reaching their full potential.  They are excited to see their kids swing or pitch compared to a Major League or Team USA player.  They are amazed that it is so different from what they have been learning.  When they see how much better they get in just two days of lessons they are blown away.  Call 304-722-6393 for more information. 

PRICING For Personal 1 on 1 Lessons

1/2 hour lesson                  $25

1  hour lesson                     $45

1 1/2 hour video lesson    $70  for hitting and pitching

Teams and Groups of 2 or more students call for special pricing. 

Call today 304-722-6393 for more information or to schedule your lesson.  You will be amazed with the results. 

Middle School, High School and College Players

Learn the best way to hit with the BBCOR bats.  Almost all hitters stats are way down, especially the power numbers (home runs down 35 to 40%) because most hitters still swing mainly with their arms. 

My students hit the ball hard with the BBCOR bats because they swing with their body.  Don't let the BBCOR bats make a negative impact on your hitting.  Call us at 304-722-6393 and learn the correct way to swing the bat.  Make your career even more successful.

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