Meet Mike Sedberry

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Coach Trainor Testimonial

Jack Trainor, Fort Lauderdale, Florida High School Baseball Head Coach

4 Time Broward Co, Florida Coach Of The Year (6th largest school district in the US)

Past President Of High School Baseball Coaches In The State Of Florida

With the combination of pitcher, hitter and outfielder Mike Sedberry won awards for being the best baseball  player in Broward County Florida, the best player in the State of Florida, the best player in the Florida High School All Star game and Mike was also the best player I ever coached in my 21 years of coaching.  During his 3 years he hit over .340, struck out over half the hitters he faced, had an amazing career ERA of 0.55 and set an all time Broward County record of 28 wins against only 3 losses.   Mike's pitching was so above everyone else it reminded me of a combination of two hall of fame pitchers, Tom Seaver and Greg Maddux.


David Stanford Testimonial

David Stanford, Fort Lauderdale, Florida catcher for 4 years

Played baseball at McLennan Community College and Baylor University

I was Mike Sedberry's catcher for 4 years in High School and knew he was a pretty darn good pitcher but never realized how good he was until I played in College.  Mike was the best pitcher with better control I ever caught including College.  He ended up being the best pitcher in the State of Florida and threw only 3 pitches.  He had an 88 mph fastball that ran, a change up and a curve ball no one could hit.  The difference with Mike was he had command of all of his pitches and could throw them where he wanted on any count.  I just saw Mike 2 weeks ago at a reunion for the first time in 40 years and told him about our son who is pitching and just had Tommy John surgery.   Mike said that's ridiculous if your son was pitching this way he would very likely have no arm problems, ironically we heard almost the exact same thing from his orthopedic surgeon.  Our son has a legitimate shot at playing Division 1 baseball in Texas or Oklahoma.   After talking with Mike I realized he is teaching the correct pitching fundamentals and arm care which is why when my son finishes rehab in 8 weeks we are heading from Texas to West Virginia so we can work with Mike.  Our son is on a good track and I have all the confidence in the world Mike can help him even more. 


Mike Sedberry is a hitting and pitching specialist.  He played baseball for 20 years, winning numerous awards and was selected as the high school baseball athlete of the year for the state of Florida in 1975.  Mike played High School baseball for Fort Lauderdale High, a 4A school in Broward County, the sixth largest school district in the nation, with approximately thirty High Schools.  He was all county twice and all state.  Against the best teams in South Florida, Mike, as a pitcher had the most wins of any pitcher in Broward County history with a record of 28 wins with only 3 losses, and a career ERA of 0.55, in 253 innings he allowed only 20 earned runs.  On average per seven innings he struck out twelve hitters and gave up one walk.  He was just as good as a hitter, Mike had a .340 average in High School against the best pitchers in South Florida.  In 1975 he was the MVP of the State All star game.

He was a four year starter for Marshall University from 1976-1979.  He finished third on the all time wins list with a career 14 wins and 7 losses,  and is still listed on Marshall's all time wins list.  Marshall was ranked 16th in the Nation in 1978 and they were one win from going to the College World Series.

More importantly to you, Mike has a strong passion for teaching and helping students reach their full potential.  Mike has spent over a thousand hours studying video of Major League Baseball and Team USA fastpitch softball hitters, to learn exactly how they use their bat and body. 

Mike has found that the mechanics of the very best hitters in baseball and fast-pitch softball, are virtually the same.  The great hitters show there is one really efficient way to hit.  The problem is over 99% of instructors and coaches do not teach what great hitters actually do which makes them swing mainly with their arms.  

Mike has created a five step Hitting System that will help every hitter become more successful, whether you are just beginning to playing in college.  You will learn step by step what the greatest hitters actually do in their swing.  Learn how they are able to hit the ball so hard, with many more line drives, consistently.   

Mike has also spent over a thousand hours studying video of Major League and Team USA Fastpitch softball pitchers with long successful and relatively injury free careers.  These pitchers all have the same mechanics in common and their body takes precedence over their arm for producing velocity.  We see too many young and older pitchers, in baseball and fastpitch softball, start getting sore arms more frequently just because of their mechanics and what they have been taught.  Mike will show you the proper mechanics of the top level pitchers, how they add speed, ball movement and accuracy.

Mike's mission:

As an instructor I have an obligation to make sure every hitter and pitcher is given the best instruction found anywhere so they can reach their true 100% potential.  Each student will be given expert instruction and learn the exact mechanics used by the very best baseball and fastpitch softball hitters and pitchers to help make them much more successful and have more fun in the process.