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Elite hitting Instruction In Baseball And Fastpitch Softball

If you are looking for hitting lessons that truly make a difference in a baseball or fastpitch softball players career make sure you find an instructor that can show you how to use your bat and body correctly.  The problem is almost everyone is being taught bad hitting cues that are causing them to have bad hitting mechanics.  How can you figure out what is right and what is wrong?  Do your homework, make sure they don't teach twisting or rotating the back foot or hips, fast hands, staying back swing down, or any other bad hitting cues (listed below).   Make sure they teach you how to use your body and bat together.   Make sure they can back up what they teach with video using the swings of the very best hitters in Major League baseball and Team USA fastpitch softball.   Don't take someones word for it that they know hitting or they were a good player.  Just because they were a good player doesn't mean they know or can teach hitting.

We average ten or more new students each week for baseball and fastpitch softball hitting lessons. They drive in from West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky and Virginia.  Almost every one of them have been to hitting camps, clinics or to other hitting instructors.   On our website I say we teach hitting differently and you will be amazed at the results.  When people call they say their kids are being taught all the things that on our website we say you don't want to do in your swing.  They are looking for something different because the lessons they are getting now aren't helping.   I tell them to come in and get a video lesson, then they can see step by step the way the very best hitters actually swing the bat.  They also will see and learn why almost everything they have been taught actually makes hitters worse.

At the beginning of the lesson I ask them about previous instruction and what hitting cues they have been told to use in their swing. They all tell me virtually the same bad hitting cues like:


Back elbow up

Squish the bug

Twist your hips

Use fast hands 

Throw your hands at the ball

Swing down

Stay back


These are hitting cues you never want to tell a hitter. These make a hitter use mainly their arms which causes them to hit the ball with much less power and hit more soft grounders and pop ups. Their swing looks jerky and out of control because they are swinging so hard with little power.  Swinging this way is why most hitters don't get close to their real potential.   I give many hitting evaluations every day and almost every hitter I see is at only 35 to 50% of their full potential because of what they are being taught by their coaches and other instructors.

I then ask how they transfer the energy from the bat into the ball at impact, students and parents both have no idea.   This is a very important aspect of the swing but is not being taught.   If you don't transfer the energy correctly it will significantly reduce the amount of force that is put into the ball.   This will reduce power, cause the ball to float off the bat and even sting their hands because the ball is actually over taking the bat.

Very few coaches and instructors (about 1 in 100) know the correct way the very best hitters in baseball and fastpitch softball actually swing the bat from start to finish. This includes Major League hitting coaches that tell their players to swing down through the ball, twist the hips, get on top of the ball and use fast hands. You hear the same thing from former players every night on ESPN. That is why hitting stats have been going down so much in the last decade. You see some of the best hitters each year going into long slumps and staying in them for long periods of time because the coaches and players have no idea how to fix it.  

Elite instruction is when players and parents are taught the complete swing from start to finish.  With the help of video you see and learn what each step in a great hitters swing actually is and how they work together in the correct sequence to create a more powerful and consistent swing.  When you see it step by step, you now know this is the way you want to swing the bat.   You then learn how to improve each step and why it will make such a tremendous impact in your swing.  Learning to use the body correctly you will see your swing become much more powerful, be able to hit line drives more consistently and improve your timing significantly.

True elite instruction will teach you why great hitters look so effortless, smooth and so powerful in their swing.  There is an actual art to it. One parent said it was like a magic trick because he couldn't believe the change in his son.   Once he learned to swing correctly he couldn't believe this was the same hitter.  He never imagined his son could hit the ball so hard while swinging so effortlessly.   We see results like this every day with baseball and fastpitch softball hitters.

If you feel you are not hitting the ball as hard and consistent as you would like or your timing is off and want to learn more about elite hitting instruction call Mike Sedberry at 304-722-6393.

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