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Fastpitch softball hitting update

Every new fastpitch softball student that comes in for lessons is looking for the same three things.   More power, hitting line drives more consistently and better timing.  We talk about what they have been learning.  Most have been to hitting lessons or clinics before and everyone of them have been taught some or all of the BAD hitting cues below:



Keep back elbow up

No stride

Squish the bug

Use fast hands

Throw hands at ball

Twist the hips

Swing down through the ball

Get the barrel of the bat out quickly

Snap the wrists at impact  



The problem is if a hitter actually tries to do any of these hitting cues they will swing  with their arms which will cause a major loss of power, consistency and make their timing much worse.   Most of these hitters will pull the ball straight into the ground or weak pop ups to the opposite field.  We see this in our batting cages everyday.  This makes too many good athletes give up on softball because they are not having fun being so inconsistent.  This doesn't need to happen. 

The very best hitters in Fastpitch Softball have power, consistency and great timing.   At the highest level they swing with their body.  My students learn how to use the body so they can swing the same as the very best hitters in softball.   As one parent said " this swing puts my daughter into a whole new world with her softball.  I just was hoping to get her to hit the ball out of the infield but now she hits the ball with more power than we ever dreamed of and she looks like she is barely swinging."   

Below is one of my students that is changing from swinging with her arms to using her body.  She is 10 years old and weighs 70 lbs.   Her dad said she was an average hitter with not much power when they started doing lessons this Winter.  Her team started playing in tournaments in the Spring and she already has hit 9 homeruns this year.  She missed number 10 last week by five feet but ended up with a triple.  She is now using her body to swing the bat and has so much more power consistently hitting the ball hard.  

If you want to be the hitter you always dreamed of,  you want to learn the exact hitting mechanics of the very best hitters in fastpitch softball. The problem is very few instructors, coaches and former players teach how to use the body.  It seems 99% of what is taught everywhere are the bad hitting cues from above.   Learn the correct way to use your body and become the hitter you always dreamed of.  

If you would like more information on how to use your body to swing the bat and get more power, consistency and better timing call Mike Sedberry at 304-722-6393 for more information. 

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