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High School Baseball And Fastpitch Softball Hitting

We have many High School baseball and fastpitch softball players come in each day to use our cages for batting practice.  It is great to see so many players working to get better.  

Almost all of these hitters you can see right away  are using their arms to swing the bat.  They are swinging so fast, pulling the bat down and out of the hitting zone way to quickly.   They hit the ball hard only 3 to 4 times per round of 16 pitches.  Most hits are weak pulled ground balls or popups to the opposite field.  

I ask them what they are working on when they are hitting.   Almost everyone (99%) says they are trying to swing down, pivot the back foot or squish the bug, stay back, twist the hips, use fast hands, get the barrel out fast, and snap their wrists or top hand at impact.   These bad hitting cues are what they are being taught to do.   Any of these hitting cues will cause you to be half the hitter you could or should be.   

My High School Baseball and fastpitch softball students learn how to swing with their body, not their arms.   When they come in to hit most of them will hit the ball hard 12 or more times out of 16.   Their swing is so smooth and effortless because they are using the body.  Many times other people and parents hitting will gather behing their cage and watch trying to figure how they hit the ball so hard consistently while looking like they are barely swinging.  Last week two parents asked the dad of one of my students if they could film his son.  They had never seen someone hit the ball so hard while they looked like they were barely swinging.   He was so proud.  

A couple weeks ago one of my fastpitch softball students hit a round and she hit 14 line drives out of 16 pitches.   The two high school baseball players that were in line waiting to hit next sat back down on the bench.  When the dad asked who is next they both said " I'm not following that."   They didn't move until she was finished hitting and left the building before they would go back into the cage and hit.

A dad even called saying "the coaches on his travel team are trying to figure out why his son is hitting the ball so much harder, consistently, than anyone else and he is barely swinging.  The other hitters look like they are swinging out of their shoes and are mostly striking out or hitting the ball soft and rarely hitting it hard.  They even said he could hit it harder if he would swing down and swing faster.  I told them we were taught that before and he could barely hit it out of the infield.  We found Mike Sedberry and learned something completely different.  He is more than twice the hitter he was before we met you."  

Learn how to use your body and become the hitter you dreamed of, effortless and powerful.   Call Mike Sedberry at 304-722-6393 for more information.  You will be amazed at the results.

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