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Hitting And Pitching Why Get A Video Lesson

Any baseball or fastpitch softball players that are interested in getting a batting or pitching lesson want to make sure that the instructor you are talking to can provide a video lesson.  I see many students come in and they are being taught things that are actually making them worse.   They trust the instructor because they are a coach, were or are a good player, played in College or even played professional baseball or fastpitch softball.  Students and parents trust they should know what they are teaching.   The problem is 99% of instruction is wrong in some way because every new student that comes in has been taught to swing and/or pitch with their arms whether they are in baseball or fastpitch softball.  This is the opposite of the very best hitters and pitchers in baseball and fastpitch softball, they use their body when hitting and pitching.

Because of this make sure before taking a lesson the instructor can video you hitting and/or pitching and can compare you side by side with the very best Major League baseball or Team USA fastpitch softball hitters and pitchers.   Only then are you able to see what you are doing versus what the best are actually doing when hitting and pitching.  It doesn't matter how good of a player or coach they were, make sure they do a video lesson with you.   Almost every parent that comes in and gets a video lesson becomes upset that they have spent alot of money for lessons from someone that was a good player but taught their kids wrong.  They have them hitting and pitching with their arms, the opposite of the very best players.  Do not take anyones word for it, make sure you do a video lesson. 


For example,  Alex Rodriguez was one of the best hitters in baseball that used his body when he swung the bat so well. His then hitting coach for the Yankees came up with the bright idea of having him quit taking his 7 inch step and just start putting his front foot up then down, so he could stay back and use fast hands.  They ended up doing a video of the workout they were doing.  On the cover (below) you can see the way the hitting coach wants him to look at impact.   In the video he has Rodriguez working on staying back, driving his back knee down, twisting his hips, squishing the bug and swinging down. These bad hitting cues he was teaching Rodriguez made him start swinging with his arms and he immediately started struggling.



Because he was the Yankee hitting coach Rodriguez trusted that he should know what he was doing and what he was telling him would help.  The problem, here is the former hitting coach for the Yankees and now for the Mets teaching Rodriguez  hitting cues that when he started doing them in games would put his career into a downhill spiral that he would never recover from.   Sadly, he trusted that his coach knew how to teach hitting.  If he would have looked at video of himself when he was hitting his best, he would have seen he looked the exact opposite at impact. (below)

Then he would have known what the coach was wanting him to do would not work.  Do not take anyones word for it, that they know how to teach hitting and/or pitching.

This is just one of many times hitting coaches have changed a players swing and if they take the body out of it they will also start struggling immediately.

Pitching is the same with 99% of what is taught by everyone will make you pitch with your arm in baseball and fastpitch softball.  Again the very best players in baseball and fastpitch softball pitch with the momentum of their body, not the arm.

With our video lessons we have seen that what great hitters and pitchers actually do is different from what 99% of people have heard or been taught.   When we show our new students their video hitting and/or pitching beside a major leaguer or Team USA player, they are amazed at what they see and it cements to our students and their parents that what we are teaching is exactly what they want to learn.

Our results with our students have been truly amazing because they are learning step by step the very best way to pitch and hit.   Even students that are not great athletes are doing so much better then they or their parents ever dreamed of because they are doing it the right way.   We hear everyday how much better they are hitting and pitching and how more enjoyable it is now, how their confidence has skyrocketed, and the game even seems to be slowing down to them because they are so much smoother.

If you would like to work with someone that can truly make a significant improvement in your hitting and pitching call us Mike Sedberry now to make an appointment at 304-722-6393, you will be amazed with the results.

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