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Hitting: More Success With The Right Instruction

We have talked about how every hitter and pitcher can achieve their true 100 % potential, with the right instruction.  My goal is to help baseball and fastpitch softball players realize their full potential.   This will help them enjoy their career much more because when you are playing better you have more fun.   We see the better a player performs the more they practice and the more they look forward to games.   It is great to see how much more confidence and success they have in sports and even outside of sports.

I see many kids that come in for lessons, who are ready to quit because they are not having fun and they don't want to go to practice.   Some of our best hitters now, when they first came into our cages were struggling.  I talked to their parents and they were learning the same bad hitting cues everyone teaches like swing down, stay back, squish the bug, twist the hips, fast hands and swing faster.  These hitting cues make every player less of a hitter than they should be because they make you swing with your arms.  They make an average hitter really struggle.  I tell them I teach the opposite way, I show you how to use your body.  Its really exciting to see these same kids that were struggling so bad, learn to use their body when they swing and turn into very good hitters.  Many of them are the best hitters on their team now.

In the last month I've noticed at least ten hitters that when they came in to hit in our batting cages, would get frustrated and stop after just 2 to 3 rounds.  All of them were mainly swinging with their arms because they were being taught the same bad hitting cues as above by their coaches, instructors, at hitting camps and by other parents.   They were only using 25 to 30% of their true potential just because they were swinging with their arms.   Most are now taking our lessons and their parents can't believe the difference.  These players will now hit 10 to 12 rounds when they come in, they are smiling and can't wait to get in the cage.  The parents have noticed that their child really wants to come practice rather then having to drag them to practice.  They too are so much more successful.

Four weeks ago I talked to two dads that met at our cages about hitting lessons for their sons.  They picked up information about the lessons on their way out.  The dad of the one that was struggling most called back and set up a lesson for the next day.  They met again yesterday and the hitter that was struggling the most was now hitting the ball much better than the other player.  I heard his dad ask the players dad what happened and he told him he had two lessons with Mike.  The dad then came over and asked if I could help his son hit that good.  We did the lesson today and when we finished he told me he wish he would have done this four weeks ago when we had talked, he couldn't believe how much improvement his son had made in just one lesson.

Our players, parents and grandparents are seeing that our hitting and pitching system is the best.  Check out some of our testimonials.   The results for our students have been fantastic.  Whether you play baseball or fastpitch softball come in and talk to us about lessons.   Learn how much we can increase your power, how often you hit line drives, make your timing better and get you on the road towards being the hitter you always dreamed of.  Call Mike Sedberry at 304-419-2588 for more information.

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