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Keep Your Weight Back Bad Hitting Cue

Everyday in our batting cages I hear parents and coaches telling baseball and fastpitch softball hitters to stay back and keep their back foot still or down while swinging.  Almost everyone of them has very little power.  When the parent mentions how can they get more power, I ask why they are staying back. They say they were told by coaches, instructors or even other parents that you have to stay back or you will lose your power.   I tell them staying back makes them swing with their arms only which will give them the least amount of power possible.

When throwing a ball if you stay back and keep your back foot down you will have very little power throwing the ball.  You will have to throw the ball with your arm only which is the worse way to do it.  The same thing while hitting, if you stay back there will not be enough energy going forward. The hitter will feel less power and will try to swing harder with their arms causing all kinds of other problems. The bat will become lighter to the ball and go out of the hitting zone way too quickly.

You want to learn to use your body the correct way and be sure not to stay back.  Then the bat will be in the hitting zone much longer giving the batter a better chance to hit the ball harder with many more line drives.

If you would like more information on this subject call Mike Sedberry at 304-722-6393.

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