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Timing In Hitting Why Such A problem

Everyday in our batting cages I hear coaches and parents tell hitters they need to time the ball better because they are not consistent. Each of our cages throw the same speed every pitch so most batters are able to get the timing correct during their first couple rounds.   The problem is most batters are inconsistent from pitch to pitch because the timing in their own swing is off.   I have been writing for a few years about hitters in baseball and fastpitch softball needing to learn how to use their body and not their arms when they swing the bat. There are so many reasons for this and another one is your timing.

The bat needs to consistently come forward on the same path and speed for a hitter to get their timing.   If you swing mainly with your arms, like almost all hitters, this will be nearly impossible to accomplish.  The reason is when hitters use their arms there are too many moving parts trying to pull the bat forward.   The hands, elbows, hips and shoulders all try to help.  The problem is with so many moving parts it is hard for them to be consistent.  The bat can come forward on different paths and speeds depending on how hard they pull the arms, how much they rotate, how tight their hands get, etc.    If the bat comes forward on different paths, the hitter keeps changing speeds on how fast they pull with their arms, and changing speeds on how fast and how much they rotate the hips it makes hitting a ball so much more difficult.


In our video lessons we show new students and parents where the bat should be at certain points of the swing.   For example I will show them where their bat is at the halfway point of the swing.   When I show a comparison of a few swings at the halfway point, they are amazed how the bat position can be a foot or more different from swing to swing.   This is what causes hitters to be inconsistent because their timing is off.  When hitters swing with their arms their own timing is a big problem.  This makes the pitcher's job much easier.


I then show them where the bat is at the half way point for the very top professional baseball and fastpitch softball hitters.  It is eye opening when you see they have the bat in the same location each swing.  This is one of the reasons top hitters are so consistent with their timing. Parents and students are also amazed when they see their bat is one to three feet behind the professionals in the same position. They now see why their timing is off because the bat is behind where it should be at the half way point and in different positions from swing to swing.  This is why they can't get their timing better.


If you learn to use the body correctly like the very top hitters in baseball and fastpitch softball actually do you will be amazed at the difference this will make in your timing and your career.   You will have one moving part, the body, and your bat will come forward faster on the proper path in the same position each swing.  Your timing will become consistent and you will hit the ball much harder.  This will make hitting in baseball and fastpitch softball so much easier for you.  It will make the pitcher's job of you not hitting the ball hard much more difficult. 


I have developed a five step process that teaches batters how to use their body exactly the way top baseball and fastpitch softball hitters use theirs.   When they start using the body correctly their swing becomes so much better it is like a night and day difference.   When this is accomplished our students immediately see an improvement in their timing, power, consistency and confidence.


If you would like to take your hitting to the next level and learn how to get your own timing much better by using the body you can call Mike Sedberry at 304-722-6393 for more information.


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