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Fastpitch Softball Pitching Testimonials

Here are just some of the many positive feedback Mike has

received from his fastpitch softball pitching lessons

My daughter was the no. 3 pitcher as a sixth grader on her middle school softball team. By the time the season began the following spring she was the starting pitcher for her team. This happened because, with Mike's help, Matti increased her pitching speed from 45 mph to a consistent 53-54 mph in just 5 lessons. She also had a very noticeable increase in movement and accuracy with her pitches. In the hitting department she finished the season with a .454 average and 22 rbi's. What's most noticeable is how much harder she is consistently hitting the ball. Mike is the only instructor I know that gives a true one solid hour of hands on training along with video records he uses to help instruct his students. Mike breaks down and simplifies the proper mechanics of pitching and hitting so my daughter and I can fully understand what he is trying to get her to accomplish. Very glad we found you, Bob Parks


What you have done for Kiersten's hitting and pitching is amazing. When I watch her games now I can't believe that is my daughter doing so well. In March, at 12 yrs old, she started playing softball. Before you, we were working on what everyone was telling us about hitting (squish the bug, twist the hips, stay back and fast hands) and pitching (faster arm circle and snap the wrist at release). She was really struggling to even hit the ball and had little power. Pitching she couldn't get past 36 mph. With your changes she is now averaging over 50 mph on her fastball sometimes hitting 53 and over. She looks so effortless and the pitches you have taught her so far, (fastball, change up, drop curve and screwball)make her even harder to hit against. In her last 76 outs, she has 71 strikeouts and has only given up 12 hits. WOW. Seeing these results in just 5 months with you blows my mind. What you teach is amazing, Jason Edge 


I started my 10 year old daughter with Mike in October 2015. Up to that point she had been an average hitter and pitcher. She has had several instructors many of which taught her things like “squish the bug” and "fast hands" in hitting and "faster arm circle" and "snap the wrist" during pitching. After taking the very first video lesson with you it was obvious that these characteristics are not what the successful professionals and college pitchers and hitters are doing. Tatum takes ½ hour pitching and a ½ hour hitting lesson once a week. In April 2016 during her ASA opening tournament she hit 5 home runs and was very dominate on the mound. During a recent tournament in Ashland, Kentucky Tatum pitched three “no hitters” and had another home run, bringing her home run count to 9. She has really excelled in both hitting and pitching. We give all the credit to Mike for her success. We look forward to watching her excel under Mikes tutelage. Thank you Mike and Zelda!!! Allen Halley


My Daughter just had her second lesson and I just couldn't believe the difference you have made in her pitching. We had gone to 2 other pitching coaches the last 3 years that were teaching her to snap her wrist. We thought she was doing good but she kept getting a sore shoulder and bicep after 4 innings. A couple parents said you taught pitching a much better way and to go see you. You showed us on the video snapping the wrist was the problem and it was hurting her speed. We were amazed in the first lesson she added 4 miles per hour with one thing you showed us. The second lesson we couldn't believe she added another 3 miles per hour and after a whole hour of pitching her arm wasn't hurting. She has so much more confidence that she can pitch a whole game and not have a sore arm. All this after only 2 pitching lessons. Thank you so much! Regina M.


Mike, I want to thank you for taking my daughter from being the no. 4 pitcher to the best pitcher on her travel team in only 6 months. The coaches and another former pitcher were working with her to snap the wrist harder but she wasn't getting better. They didn't let her pitch much because she couldn't get past 37 mph and the other pitchers were throwing 44 to 45 mph. When she did try to throw faster her control suffered and her arm would get sore. She was ready to give up pitching when we found you.

The first lesson you showed us what we were learning is why she wasn't getting better. You said you were going to teach us how the best pitchers actually pitch. She looked at me and said " I really want to pitch, I want to try this". After 6 months she has gained 11 mph and is now the fastest pitcher on the team and has really good control. You have even taught her other pitches that move so much I can hardly catch her anymore. Now the coaches want to know about you because they can't believe how much faster she is pitching in only 6 months and their daughters are still throwing the same speed. The way you teach pitching is so different and so much better. Joe B.


The changes you have made in our daughters pitching is amazing. She had been going to an instructor all the other parents said to go to. We thought she threw really hard and the instructor said she could maybe see an increase in speed of 2 to 3 mph per year. The first lesson you showed us almost everything we were learning (faster arm circle and snapping the wrist) was actually making her throw slower than she should, this really intrigued us. You gave us just one thing to work on and when we came in for the second lesson she had gained 4 mph on her fastball. That blew our minds, we never expected this much of an increase so soon! In 5 months with your help she has gained over 10 mph on her fastball, her control is now amazing and she looks so effortless. She is now the number 1 pitcher and throwing harder than anyone. Other parents can't believe how much better she is because it was suppose to take a minimum of 3 years to gain 10 mph. We owe this all to you. Thanks Jennifer D.


What you have done for our daughters pitching is nothing short of amazing. She wanted to start pitching last year and the only thing she was taught by a coach and a couple parents was to snap her wrist at release. We worked hard on this but she didn't improve. The coach said she needed more speed and better control before he would let her pitch.

You showed us a much different way to pitch and within a couple months I saw a big difference in her speed, control and confidence. Her coach couldn't believe the difference this Spring. She started out the number three pitcher. She pitched the last couple innings in relief the first few games. She pitched so well she got to start a game and only gave up two hits. The next game she started and again only gave up two hits. The coach now says she is the number one pitcher. Everyone can't believe the difference you have made for her. She is pitching so much better and you say she is only at 50% of her full potential. I tell people this and they look at me like I am crazy. We are having so much fun. Jack T.


Mike, we brought our daughter in for pitching lessons because her shoulder kept getting sore and sometimes she had to come out of the game because it hurt so much. We already thought she was a good pitcher and her coaches and a couple instructors said she had great mechanics. No one could figure out why her shoulder would hurt. Some of the things we were learning I read on your website you said not to do so I wanted to see if you could help her.

I was thrilled when you showed us the video with our daughter pitching and pointed out the two things (faster arm circle and snap the wrist) you said will make her shoulder and arm sore before I even told you that is why we were there. These two things are what we had been learning from everyone. Then I couldn't believe it when you showed us three things she wasn't doing that were taking some of her power and control away. These three things had never been mentioned to us. When you put her beside a couple Team USA pitchers to show us what you were talking about we could see the difference immediately.

We are working hard on the things you are showing us and she has added almost eight miles per hour to her fastball and now her change up you taught us makes her a much better pitcher than ever before. She was so excited after the fourth lesson her shoulder wasn't hurting and hasn't hurt since. Last game she pitched five innings with nine strikeouts and didn't give up a run. Two days later she went in to close the game and shut down the other team the last two innings. What a difference, her shoulder and arm never hurt. We enjoy your lessons and I see such a big difference in her confidence. Joel C.


Thanks for helping so much with my daughters pitching this year. She was having problems with her control and not much speed on the ball. Our first lesson I told you what we were learning from another instructor. In the video lesson you showed us the top pitchers don't do any of the main things were working on. The difference has been great. Her control is so much better and she is throwing almost 10 mph faster. The last game was her best. She pitched five innings, had 10 strikeouts and only gave up two hits.



Last year my daughter wanted to start pitching. She didn't get to pitch because she was throwing the ball all over the place with little speed. We are so happy she started working with you and has improved more than we can believe. At the start of this year she was the fastest pitcher on the team. Now she is the fastest pitcher in the league with good control. My wife and I can't believe the difference, she just keeps getting better. The last game she struck out six straight batters. The umpire even came over and told us he was impressed with her control and how hard she was throwing the ball. Her coach is now wanting to know where she learned this because he is amazed how much better she is pitching in less than one year.

Thanks for everything, Mark R


What a difference you have made in my daughters pitching and hitting. I think she is a good athlete and we had been going to every clinic, college camp and instructor we could find to help her get better. They all taught the same thing and said she would get better if she worked on rotating her hips and getting her hands faster for hitting. Pitching she needed to windmill her arm faster and snap her wrist at release. She wasn't getting better so I kept looking for help. On your site we noticed everything we were learning you said the best players were not doing. Am I glad we checked you out!

When we did the video lesson for hitting and then for pitching I was amazed the difference of what we were being taught and what the best players were actually doing. Its great that in just a few lessons and doing your drills she is throwing the ball so much harder, I can't believe it. Now she asks me to catch her almost everyday because her arm doesn't hurt anymore.

Her hitting has become so much better, her coach even came up to me to see if we changed bats. Everyone has noticed how much smoother she looks and the ball is jumping off her bat so hard. She has so much more confidence and can't wait to bat now. I have told everyone about you, I think you are going to get very busy.

Greg B  

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